Back to School!

Back to School!

This simple phrase embarks many emotions. There may be tears, fears and happy dancing and all the above is ok! Personally for me it's happy dancing! 

What better way to commemorate the first day is with Pearhead's Chalk Sign! Such a fun way to remember and share with family and friends! And trust me you do forget so snap away and celebrate! 

That brings me to the dreaded lunch boxes! you must create, make, bake and bring to life the baines of our existence! Thankfully with social media there is oodles of luchbox inspo and envy! We LOVE @schoollunchbox @loveinaboxjo @littlehouseofposh & @eva_loves_lunch 

Whether your a lunch kit or bento box lover our HUGE selection from Skip Hop & Penny Scallan have got you covered. You can be matchy matchy from the Backpack to the Drink Bottle or mix it up! 

We are so excited to include our eco-friendly stainless steel range by Skip Hop NEW to the Zoo collection this year! 

To celebrate we are offering 25% OFF all Backpacks, Lunch Boxes and Water Bottles with promo code BACKTOSCHOOL. So stock up now as code expires midnight Thursday 6th Feb 2020.

Wishing all our parents and little one's a wonderful first day back! 




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